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Mphasis recruitment process

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Mphasis Recruitment Process


Mphasis is a leading IT solutions provider uses integrated cloud and cognitive technology to enable clients in digital transformation.Mphasis follows a B-B model that uses the latest technologies in the industry.Mphasis is an IT company that uses cognitive technology and an integrated cloud platform that helps clients in digital transformation. Mphasis is a Bangalore based IT services company majority owned by Hewlett-Packard. The company provides infrastructure technology and applications outsourcing services, as well as architecture, application development and integration, and application management services. It serves financial services, telecom, logistics, and technology industries. 

  • Industry: IT Services
  • Founder: Jerry Rao, Jeroen Tas
  • CEO: Nitin Rakesh
  • Headquarters location: Bengaluru

Eligibility Criteria : 

  • 60% X,XII, Graduation
  • No active  backlogs
  • Student must be Indian

Recruitment  Steps:

  • Aptitude test : It consist of four sections . this is done using AMCAT platform
SectionNo. of questionsTime allotted(in minutes)
Verbal Ability2525
Quantitative Ability2535
Logical Reasoning2535
  • Coding round : Consist of 2 programming questions. students can  code the program using C or C++ as per  their convenience. Coding round is also called tool based communication ,here questions on C/C++,DSA,DAA,OS are asked .
  • Panel Interview : It consist of technical and HR interview . In Technical interview you are ask to write logic of questions given to you and can be asked questions from C,C++,JAVA,SQL,DBMS,PYTHON,ML/DL you can also asked about the projects you are working on and the technologies you are using or you have used . In HR interview you are asked to give your introduction , your hobbies and interest, your strengths and weekness.

For Quantitative Aptitude Questions Click here

For Logical Reasoning Questions Click here

For General English Questions Click here

For Technical Questions Click here


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