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in AI-ML-Data Science Projects by Goeduhub's Expert (8.2k points)

List of Projects in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning(DL), Completed By Our Students During Online Training in AI & ML.

Summer Training cum Internship program-2021

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by Goeduhub's Expert (8.2k points)
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List of Projects Completed by Our Last Batch(Online Training) Students(In AI & ML).

S.No.Project TitleCompleted By
1.COVID19 Spread Visualization and Comparison using Flask and PlotlyDaniyal Khan
2.Auto Summary Generator using Natural Language ProcessingKhushboo Prasad
3.Face Mask Detection COVID-19 projectCheshta Agrawal
4.FACE-MASK DETECTION:Deep Learning Project to detect whether a person is or is not wearing a mask.Divya Tanwar
5.Can we detect the Age and Gender of a person using live cam.Mahipal Pareek
6.Hand Gesture Recognition and Voice Conversion for Deaf and Dumb -projectCheshta Agrawal
7.Smart Traffic Sign Recognition Using Artificial IntelligenceKashish Gupta
8.Driver drowsiness detection using OpenCVHarshita Mahawar
10.Facial Expression Recognition using keras and flask appMahipal Pareek
11.Credit card fraud detection using MlVritika Jangir
12.'Face Mask DetectIon' using Python | Tensorflow | Keras | OpenCV |Aysha Begum
13.Image Classification on CIFAR-10 Dataset using Deep LearningNiharika Jalan
14.Student Marks Predictor using Machine LearningIshika Naruka
15.Mean Shift Object Tracking System using OpenCVManisha Mohapatra
16.Smart Attendance Tracking System using Face RecognitionDushyant Chauhan
17.Color Detection using CNN & PythonJagrati
18.Speech Emotion Recognition using Artificial IntelligenceKhush Gupta
19.Social Distancing Detection using Python |Machine Learning | Deep Learning | OpenCVMohd Vais
20.Plant Disease Detection System using CNNSheena Sidhawat

 COVID-19 Projects( In AI-ML)

Summer Training cum Internship program-2021

Our Mentors(For AI-ML)

Sharda Godara Chaudhary

Mrs. Sharda Godara Chaudhary

An alumna of MNIT-Jaipur and ACCENTURE, Pune


Ms. Nisha

An alumna of IIT-BHU

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