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Meta cube selection process

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Metacube Recruitment Process


Metacube is an IT Solutions and Services company with experience in developing enterprise applications and products for a wide spectrum of horizontal domains including global trade management, supply chain analytics, manufacturing analytics, business continuity planning, CRM, content management and eCommerce. Metacube has software product engineering services as a key focus area, and brings in successful working experience with several product companies financed by leading venture capital funds such as Kleiner Perkins, Carlyle, Mayfield and Sequoia. These have been very demanding engagements challenging Metacube to deliver solutions that are generic, extensible, user friendly, and robust. Metacube also offers application engineering and software testing services.

Eligibilty Criteria : 

  • Minimum 70% in X,XII
  • Minimum 60% in graduation
  • No active backlogs
  • BTech/MTech(CS-IT,CSE,ECE)

Selection Process:

  1. Written test : Aptitude  test is of one hour duration in which  you are given MCQs of various programming languages like we have C,C++,JAVA . there are mcqs of pointers , loops , arrays, inheritence etc .
  2. Coding test : Coding test is also of one hour in  which there 5-6 questions of your core programming langauges  like C,C++ , JAVA . here we are ask to write functions/ program segment of code . there may be some advanced questions.
  3. Technical Interview : This technical interview is held in the office of Metacube and it may be of hour in which students are marked on basis of detailed knowledge of subjects like C,C++,JAVA,Python . they may ask you some puzzles and can make you write some program codes .
  4. HR Interview : On the same day of Technical interview Hr interview  takes place in which you are checked on presentation skills, communication skills, IQ level and the way you handle stress .

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