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System Requirement: System with Internet Connection, Python installation or any Python IDE like Jupyter notebook(Anaconda), Pycharm, Visual Studio, Colaboratory offered by Google Jupyter notebook environment etc.

Python Module

Python Basic Introduction Python Conditions (If-else)
Python Loops Python String
Python ListList Slicing
Python Tuples Python Dictionary 
Python SetsPython Functions
Python Exception HandlingFile Handling in Pyhton
Python Classes and Objects      Python Web Scraping
Python Pygame Python GUI and Tkinter 
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In this python introduction module,I have studied about characteristics,applications,syntax,commands(single line comment and multiline comment),variables,keywords, operators and type() which is used to define the type of variable.Python is easily understandable language it supports both procedural as well as object oriented .
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ma'am today(22/04/2020) i was not able to join webinar . The notification came that the webinar is full contact the organizer. Now, what to do ?
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in this session we have learnt about  origin of python ,characteristics,application,syntax of basic code ,comments like single line comment and multiple lines comments,type keyword used to identify the type of the data ,variable ,for loops ,while loops ,types of python operators ,immutable and mutable datatype  ,if else and nested if else
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mam there is a problem of connection in webinar .session timed out many times during 3pm to 4.30 pm
connection timed out is a problem then it show connection lost and to reconnect again it takes 10 to 15 min
please look into this
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@Nikhil Kindly check your connection....because rest of the participants were connected.
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