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How can I learn machine learning online for free?

Learning Should Not Stop: Learn online (FREE) from Goeduhub and Get training certificate at the end. This page contain information for online free training in machine learning.

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 Technology: Complete Machine Learning & Data Science with Python
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Online Summer Training in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning 

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Thank you sir online Al and machine learning basic concepts
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Thanks sir for online machine learning classes
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Amazing Articles.. Thank You!
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Thank you sir for online machine learning classes

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Tensorflow 2 & Keras:Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

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Natural Language Processing-NLP with Deep Learning in Python Apply Coupon


Computer Vision OpenCV Python | YOLO| Deep Learning in Colab Apply Coupon
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Which online course is best for machine learning?


Goeduhub Technologies provides best online training in machine learning. Index for this training is as given below.

System Requirement: System with Internet Connection, Python installation or any Python IDE like Jupyter notebook(Anaconda), Pycharm, Visual Studio, Colaboratory offered by Google Jupyter notebook environment etc.

How to Apply: Register Here

Python Module

Python Basic Introduction Python Conditions (If-else)
Python Loops Python String
Python ListList Slicing
Python Tuples Python Dictionary 
Python SetsPython Functions
Python Exception HandlingFile Handling in Pyhton
Python Classes and Objects      Python Web Scraping
Python Pygame Python GUI and Tkinter 

Machine Learning Module

Statistics for Machine Learning and Data Science

NumpyPandas Introduction
Pandas DataFramePandas Slicing
Pandas with missing valuesPandas Aggregate functions
Supervised ML IntroSupervised Linear ML Boston-House-price
Supervised Classification ML Iris flowerUnsupervised Learning (K-mean Algorithm)
Decision TreeSeaborn Library 
Naive Bayes Classifier Naive Bayes Classifier for Text Classification
K-Nearest Neighbor(KNN) AlgorithmSupport Vector Machine Algorithm
Random Forest AlgorithmImage compression
Natural Language Processing Part1Natural Language Processing Part2 
Flask Web App DevelopmentFlask Project and Deployment
Google Cloud DeploymentAmazon Web Service(AWS) Deployment
Capstone ProjectDeep Learning Introduction

Data Science & Machine Learning With Python- Assignments, Excises, Questions and Solutions for practice

Machine Learning Interview Questions

Free Video Lectures for Machine Learning With Python

SessionSession AgendaYoutube Link
Session-1· Introduction of Machine Learning
· Interesting facts About Python
· Top Reason For Learn Python
· Python Frameworks
· Python Features
· Variables, Keywords in Python
· Operators in Python
· Mutable vs Immutable Objects in Python
· Hands on · Decision making in python (if - else condition)
Video Lecture
Session-2· Loops-for loop and while loop
· Python Strings
· Accessing String elements (String Slicing)
· Basic Operation on String
· String Function and Methods
· Python List
Video Lecture
Session-3· List Slicing
· List Functions
· Tuples
· Dictionary
Video Lecture

·         Machine Learning VS Deep Learning

·         Data Science Library- Numpy

·         Data Science Library- Pandas

·         Pandas DataFrames

Video Lecture
Session-5·         Pandas DataFrames-Data Science Library 
·         Pandas Slicing 
·        Pandas Aggregate functions 
·         MatplotLib
Video Lecture
Session-6·         Web Scraping in Python
·         Pandas Geopandas
·         Use-Case: Visualization of Coronavirus(covid-19) confirm cases in india 
Video Lecture
Session-7·         Web Scraping in Python 
·         Python Geopandas Library
·         Use-Case: Visualization of Coronavirus(covid-19) Confirm Cases in India on Map using Geopandas python 
·         Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning
Video Lecture
Session-8·         Linear Regression using Python
·         Implementation of Linear Regression, Sklearn Linear Regression
Video Lecture
Session-9·         Multiple Linear Regression using Python
·         Implementation of Multiple Linear Regression,
·         Boston housing Price Prediction
Video Lecture
Session-10·         Logistic Regression
·         Implementation of Iris flowers classification problem
·         Python Class and Objects
Video Lecture
Session-11·         Un-Supervised Mahine Learning
·         K-means- Clustering
·         Reinforcement Learning
Video Lecture
Session-12·         Project-Image Compression with K-Means ClusteringVideo Lecture
Session-13·         Python GUI Tkinter Video Lecture
Session-14·         Project- Stock Price Prediction Using RegressionVideo Lecture
Session-15·         Basics of Pygame Python Libraray
·         how to create a rectangular using pygame
·         how to change color of rectangular using pygame
·         how to upload background image using pygame
·         how to set music of your choice using pygame
·         Create a Simple Snake Game using pygame python library.
Video Lecture

Deep Learning Module (Optional: if you want to learn)

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Training in Jaipur 

Machine Learning(ML) Training in Jaipur  

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I learn basic of python like data types, conditional statements, for loop and much more
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In yesterday session i learne about the python technology and its featured and characteristics,operators, indentation, loop concept(for,while), conditional statement like(if, else, elif).
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 Python GUI and Tkinter  page is improper
After opening Python GUI and Tkinter  there given concept of exception handling which explain earlier.
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I have learnt list , tupple , dictionary and they all are different from each other.
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i learned about the operators, indentation, loop, conditional statement like(if, else, elif).
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Thanks  to  goeduhub  for  this  free  source  of  knowledge
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It is wonderful course. It very helpful to all the guys who want to become a ml engineer.
As per this guideline I want to learn exta topic like deep learning provided by you.
Thanks for this course.
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Thank you so much sir and ma'am for providing Ml and DS Training
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Firstly i learned about the python technology and its featured and characteristics. And i learned about the operators, indentation, loop, conditional statement like(if, else, elif).
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Module: python basics

This module gives the glimpse of structure of python which is a high level, interpreted, dynamic, object oriented and easy to write language.

Also it supports multiple interfaces. It is majorly used in the field of web development, machine learning, games etc.

It provides us the print() function to put the output on screen.

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Date:- 22/04/2020

Module: if else statement

The are a special types of statements which provides a path to perform a task based on different conditions that are required.

Indentation is also a very important aspect of writing the programs in python.

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Date:- 22/04/2020

Module: loops in python

Python provides us the two major loops: for and while loops.
-For loop primarily used to check or iterate onto a finite data where end is known.
-If end is not known or one do not know the number of attempts which has to take place we use while loops to tackle the situation.

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Module:Python List,tupple.dictionary and set

I have learnt list , tupple , dictionary and they all are different from each other. when we wiil need to use one of them. their implementation and their represention

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Date: 24-Apr-2020  

Module: Python String
In python string are immutable data type meaning we can’t update it once it is declared. We have to delete the string element before updating the data. String can declared in two ways either in single quotes(‘’) or double quote(“”).

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Thanks goeduhub for this wonderful free platform. Thanks alot.
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thank you Goeduhub for this course .this can make difference between me and other people
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Thank you for providing online training in Python

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