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Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) training in Jaipur | Best Summer Winter Training Internship

Online Instructor Led Live Project based training in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning 

Overview: Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning Training in Jaipur Course-1: Machine Learning using Python  Course-2: Applied AI and ML With Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and Image Processing Projects & Reviews

   Best Machine Learning(ML) training in Jaipur | Best Artificial Intelligence(AI) training in Jaipur | Register for Summer/Winter/Regular Training

   AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (machine Learning) training in Jaipur is provided by Goeduhub Technologies, No. 1 AI & ML training institute in Jaipur. Goeduhub Technologies Provides Best AI & ML Training Courses in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We train students from basic to advanced concepts, within a real-time environment.

   Artificial Intelligence(AI) is calculable to pave the means for on the point of a pair of.3 million opportunities by the year 2020 whereas the competition within the trade is nevertheless to heat up within the coming back months. Recent years have shown that Machine Learning(ML) is wont to automatize plenty of various tasks that were thought of as tasks that solely humans will love Image Recognition, Text Generation or taking part in games. Machine Learning(ML) goes to possess large effects on the economy and living normally. Entire work tasks and industries are automatic and therefore the job market is going to be modified forever.        

Industry Trends of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

    Artificial Intelligence is the next digital frontier, with profound implications for business and society. The global AI market size is projected to reach $202.57 billion by 2026, according to Fortune Business Insights.

    • The average salary for "Data Scientist" is approximately $113,000 per year –
    • A recent report from the World Intellectual Patent Office (WIPO) found that together these three areas (computer vision, natural language applications, and speech technologies ) accounted for a majority of patents related to AI: computer vision (49% of all patents), natural language processing (NLP) (14%), and speech (13%). Source: International Data Corporation,
    • 2% Annual Growth for AI market according toGrandview Research

Skills Covered in AI & ML Training in Jaipur

Skills Covered in Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) Training in Jaipur at Goeduhub Technologies

    • Statistics
    • Python
    • Supervised Machine Learning(ML)
    • Unsupervised Machine Learning(ML)
    • NLP
    • Neural Networks- CNN,RCNN, Fast RCNN, RoI Pooling, Faster RCNN, Mask RCNN and RNN, GRU, and LSTM
    • Computer Vision
    • Image Processing using Deep Learning Techniques
    • GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)
    • Keras
    • Tensorflow 2.0
    • Speech Recognition
    • NumPy
    • Pandas
    • Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
    • Plotly
    • Scikit learn
    • Tableau


Outcomes of Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) Training in Jaipur at Goeduhub Technologies

On completion of the course students should be able to:

    • Master some of the most sought-after AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Neural Networks and NLP skills
    • Learn Deep AI techniques which are transforming industry for high transformation in a post pandemic world
    • Practice multiple hours of lab exercises in a lab environment integrating real-world datasets in digital business context
    • Learn actual application use cases of AI in real-time Web Applications from top and most recognized Industry leaders Work on an end-to-end AI project and get feedback from a panel of experts
    • Understand impact of the latest emerging AI trends such as chatbots, image and speech recognition and intelligent automation


The major industries where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used are:

    • Healthcare & Fitness
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Financial Trading
    • Transportation & Conveyance
    • Personal Security
    • Online Search
    • Automotive
    • IT Services


Job Titles include(After Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Training in Jaipur at Goeduhub Technologies

    • Artificial Intelligence(AI) Engineer
    • Machine Learning(ML) Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data & Analytics Manager
    • NLP Engineer
    • Data Engineer


Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) training quality at Goeduhub-Jaipur

  Goeduhub Technologies is the best Training institute in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) who provides a complete practical and project based Training on Artificial Intelligence(AI) , Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL).Summer Training is a mandatory part of B.Tech curriculum as well as to compete in industry. A quality solution of this problem is to start your Summer training from a quality institute where you get the summer training in most demanding technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) , Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL).

   Our course is designed and developed by core industrial professionals having decades of experience in Industry. This Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) training course is not only ‘Hands-On’ practical based, but also includes project works so that students can understand actual Industrial requirements, and work culture. The Machine Learning(ML) summer-winter-industrial training course curriculum also covers Resume Writing, Personality Development & Mock Interview Sessions for better career growth and development of our students.

Our best training quality is always appreciated by our students and working professionals. We had never compromised with our training quality, because student’s satisfaction and their career are our priority instead of money. We provide best Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning(DL) training on affordable fee/price in jaipur Rajasthan. In Jaipur Goeduhub lab is well known for our Awesome training quality.

  If you want to start learning about Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) it’s the perfect time because AI & ML Engineers are desperately needed because a lot of companies like Google ,Microsoft as well as India based companies are to get there foot in the door of Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). The current talent pool within the IT business have already set their eyes on computer science as an avenue for moneymaking paychecks and rewardful career path.

   Our students came from wide spectrum of Engineering background from different colleges incluiding IITs, NITs, other top Universities and got placed in Companies like HSBC Bank, SAP Labs, Honeywell, Accenture, Capgemini, Aricent, Infosys etc.

   If you're a software engineer looking to add Machine Learning(ML) to your skillset, this is the place to start. Instead of dwelling on abstract theory, this comprehensive course was designed to have you start writing impactful Machine Learning(ML) code immediately.

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

   In the post-industrialization era, people have worked to create a machine that behaves like a human. The thinking machine is AI’s biggest gift to humankind; the grand entry of this self-propelled machine has suddenly changed the operative rules of business.

   In the recent years, self-driving vehicles, digital assistants, robotic factory staff, and smart cities have proven that intelligent machines are possible. AI has transformed most industry sectors like retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and media and continues to invade new territories. Everyday a new app, product or service unveils that it is using machine learning to get smarter and better.

   The Big Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter banks on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for their future growth. Google’s global chief executive officer (CEO), Sundar Pichai said: “I am confident India will be a global player in the digital economy”. To read the entire article click here.

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