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Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT). Why we do internet of things ? Benefits of IoT ?  IoT Features.

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.       What is Internet of things ?

   Look closely at our mobile phones. There various applications in our mobile phones like GPS tracking, mobile gyroscope, adaptive brightness, voice detection, face detection etc. These applications can interact with each other and can bring a batter system.

    So, connecting everyday things embedded with electronics, software and sensors to the internet enabling them to collect and  exchange data.

   For example in house we can connect lights, AC, lock etc on same platform. We can also connect our car’s fuel meter, GPS  and speed meter to the same platform.

.       Why we do internet of things ?

   If a patient is on continuous life support and a health monitoring system is continuously monitoring his health. These health monitoring systems and hospital are connected on the same cloud. If any irregular condition is occurred, hospital is notified and quickly the ambulance is send to the patents location. Before ambulance arrives, all the facilities are ready for patent based on his reports like prescriptions, medicines and Operation Theater.     So through this we can reduce lot of effort and time involved in this procedure. This IoT environment would be much more safer, secure, effortless and time saving.

   Now same thing Compare with today’s scenario – on any issue they need to call the Hospital and they need an ambulance. After ambulance arrives at Hospital, they need lot of checkups, because the Doctor will not fully aware about patient Health. So, in this procedure there will be lot of delay. In any emergency we can’t afford this delay.

   So Internet of things is expanding the interdependence of humans to interact, contribute & collaborates to things around us. Interdependence means like teacher and students are depend on each-other, doctor and patient are depend on each-other.

.       Benefits of IoT ?

A.      Efficient resource utilization.

B.      Minimizing human effort.

C.      Saves time.

D.      Development of AI through IoT.

E.       Improved securities. 

.       IoT Features.

   IoT is enabling every technology to reach its true and complete potential. There are three aspects of IoT that explain how it works. Connect, analyze and integrate.

A.      Connect – Connect various things to IoT platform.

B.      Analyze – Analyze the data collected and use it to build business intelligence.

C.      Integrate – Integrate various models to improve user experience.

   Example of IoT:- If my coffee machine require some beans, then before completion IoT system order on Amazone and I will get these beans.

   If I require some items from general store  then my IoT system will order same item and I will get it.

Connect Stages:-

1.       Device virtualization:- Standardize integration of devices with the IoT enterprise. It could be present on cloud or it could be present on server. So there will be internet connection.

2.       High speed messaging:- enable reliable, secure and bi-directional communication between devices and the cloud.

3.       Endpoint Management:- Manage device endpoint identity, metadata and lifecycle states for all devices.

Analyze Stages:-

1.       Stream Processing:- Real-time analyses of incoming data streams with event aggregation, filtering and correlation.

2.       Data enrichment:- Enrich raw data streams with contextual information and generate composite streams.

3.       Event Store:- query and visualize massive amounts of data with integrated BI cloud service support and enabling big data analysis.

Integrate Stages:-

1.       Enterprise connectivity:- Dynamically dispatch critical IoT data and events to applications and process follows.

2.       REST APIs:- API based integration with cloud apps and IoT devices.

3.       Command and Control:- Send messages to devices from enterprise and mobile apps, independent of device connectivity.

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