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Program of Doubly linked list 

program : 

class node:

    def __init__(self, next=None, prev=None, value=None): = next # reference to next node 

        self.prev = prev # reference to previous node

        self.value = value

class DoublyLinkedList:

    def __init__(self):


    def insert_at_first(self, value): 

    # Node & assign the value 

        newnode = node(value = value) 

    # Make next of newnode as start and prevs as NULL  = self.start 

        newnode.prev = None

    # change prev of start node to newnode  

        if self.start!=None: 

            self.start.prev = newnode  

    # move the start to point to the newnode 

            self.start = newnode  

    def insert_after(self, prev, value):

        if prev==None: # check if the given prev_node is NULL

            print("This node doesn't exist ") 


        #allocate node  & assign value 

        newnode = node(value =value) 

        # Make next of new node as next of prevnode  =

        # Make the next of prevnode as newnode   = newnode 

        # Make prevnode as previous of newnode 

        newnode.prev = prev  

        # Change previous of new_node's next node  

        if is not None: 

   = newnode

    def insert_at_end(self, value): 

        # create node and assign value 

        newnode = node(value = value) 

        last = self.start 

# new node is going to be the last node, so make next of it as NULL  = None

# If the Linked List is empty, then make the new node as head 

        if self.start is None: 

            newnode.prev = None

            self.start = newnode 


        # Else traverse till the last node  

        while ( is not None): 

            last =

        # Change the next of last node   = newnode 

        # Make last node as previous of new node 

        newnode.prev = last 

    def delete_node(self, node_to_del):

        if self.start is None or node_to_del is None:


        # If node to be deleted is head node 

        if self.start == node_to_del: 

            self.start =

        # Change next only if node to be deleted is NOT 

        # the last node 

        if is not None: 

   = node_to_del.prev    

# Change prev only if node to be deleted is NOT first node 

        if node_to_del.prev is not None: 


    def display(self, node): 

        print("linked list ")

        while(node is not None): 


            last = node 

            node =

        print("\n reverse linked list ")

        while(last is not None): 


            last = last.prev 

llist = DoublyLinkedList()  








llist.insert_after(, 8)




Output : 

linked list





reverse linked list 



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