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Control Brightness of LED Using PWM of Raspberry PI. How does PWM control LED brightness? Can Raspberry Pi do PWM? What is Gpio in Raspberry Pi?

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Hardware requirement and connections:

Hardware requirement and connections are same as explained in 

 What is Gpio in Raspberry Pi? 

Turning on and off LED with your Raspberry Pi's GPIO Pins

LED to Raspberry-PI_IOT-Training-in-Jaipur

Python program

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO # Importing RPi library to use the GPIO pins

from time import sleep # Importing sleep from time library

led_pin = 21 # Initializing the GPIO pin 21 for LED

GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) # We are using the BCM pin numbering

GPIO.setup(led_pin, GPIO.OUT) # Declaring pin 21 as output pin

pwm = GPIO.PWM(led_pin, 100) # Created a PWM object

pwm.start(0) # Started PWM with 0% duty cycle

while 1: # Loop will run forever

          for x in range(100): # This Loop will run 100 times

                    pwm.ChangeDutyCycle(x) # Change duty cycle

                    sleep(0.01) # Delay of 10mS

          for x in range(100,0,-1): # Loop will run 100 times; 100 to 0



pwm.stop() # Stop the PWM

GPIO.cleanup() # Make all the output pins LOW

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