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Internet of things (IoT) | Projects in Summer Training at Goeduhub Technologies-Jaipur

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Some Projects on Internet of Things (IoT) in Summer training at Goeduhub Technologies, Jaipur.

Project:1 IoT using Raspberry Pi in Summer Training at Goeduhub-Jaipur | Register for Training

Project:2 SELF DRIVING CAR USING Raspberry-PI by in IoT summer Training at Goeduhub-Jaipur

Project:3 IoT based Door Security Alarm controlled by Google Assistant(IoT summer training institute in Jaipur)

Project:4 IoT Based Patient Monitoring System (IoT training in Jaipur)

Project:5 IOT Theft Detection Using Raspberry Pi(In IoT summer training at Goeduhub-Jaipur)

Many More Projects....

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