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Full Name: Mohit bansal

College Name: global Institute of technology

 Degree: b.tech

 Branch: CSE

 Semester: 6th

Batch: Batch(2017-2021)

I am doing online Summer Training in 

Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning from Goeduhub Technologies. I am here to express my day by day activity.

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Day 1  Module 0.  Date 1/05/2020

Topic:-basics of Python 

 In this training program of day 1 I am learn about the Python definition,their applications, characteristics and operators.after reading these topics I am learn how we write Python program ,their operation implementation.

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Day 2 Module 0 Date 2/05/2020

Topic :- Python loops

Day 2 I am learned about the loops in Python language.for ,while nested loop. Break,continue and pass statement use in these looping method 

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Day 2 module 0 Date 2/05/2020

Topic:- Python if-else statement

In this module I am learned about the statements which are uses in Python.if else statement use for decision making procedure.

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