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Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) Training in Jaipur
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Full name- kashish gupta

College name - GIT,jaipur

Degree - Btech

branch -  CSE

Semester - 6th

Batch - 2017-21

i am doing online summer training in Artificial Intelligence(AI),  machine learning(ML) & deep learning From Goeduhub Technologies. i am here to express my day by day activity

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For Indian Students- INR 570/- || For International Students- $12.99/-


Course Name

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Tensorflow 2 & Keras:Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

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Computer Vision with OpenCV | Deep Learning CNN Projects

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Complete Machine Learning & Data Science with Python Apply Coupon


Natural Language Processing-NLP with Deep Learning in Python Apply Coupon


Computer Vision OpenCV Python | YOLO| Deep Learning in Colab Apply Coupon


Complete Python Programming from scratch with Projects Apply Coupon

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Module 0 Date:01/05/2020 - 02/05/2020

Started with basic operation of python eg: how to determine type and some arthimatic operations the move to conditions like (if-else),(elif) and then some loops like(while,for).
After then string is introduced and some basic operation and function on string and move to slicing and then move to list and it's basic operation and function

Our Mentors(For AI-ML)

Sharda Godara Chaudhary

Mrs. Sharda Godara Chaudhary

An alumna of MNIT-Jaipur and ACCENTURE, Pune


Ms. Nisha

An alumna of IIT-BHU

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