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How  GGK Technologies hires new employees???

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GGK Technologies Recruitment Process

GGK Technologies is a  product development firm and  IT consulting and services company with a motto to deliver excellent software services around the world. GGk technology  develop  software solutions and quality based  product engineering for clients of  startups to multi-billion dollar companies. They provide Digital, Cloud, Analytics, AI and Business Services around the world.

Job role offered Trainee Software engineer
Salary offered3.5 LPA
Job VenueHyderabad

Eligiblity Criteria

  • No backlogs
  • 60% aggregate in X,XII,Graduation

Selection Process

  • Aptitude test
  • Programming test
  • Technical and behavioural round of interview
Test sectionsNo.of quesTime(mins)

Programming Test 
contains topic of DSA, DBMS, C, C++

Technical Interview
Questions will be asked based on :

  • Your Resume 
  • Project
  • Core subjects of BTech
  • Interships

Behavioural Interview

 Student will be tested on 

  • communication skills 
  • behavioral etiquette
  •  Presence of mind 
  •  Puzzles 
  • Pressure handling 

For Quantitative Aptitude Questions Click here

For Logical Reasoning Questions Click here

For General English Questions Click here

For Technical Questions Click here

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