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BYJU's campus placement interview experience

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BYJU's selection process consist of two rounds:-

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Personal Interview

Group Discussion:-

 Here 20 students are collected to form one group . then topic allotment is done by the BYJU's head . Topic given to my group was "should india go cashless or not" . then one minute  time was given to think and then 15 mins to start the gd deliver your contents and then conclude it . 

Personal Interview:-

In PI I was asked some questions-

1) Introduce yourself ?

My name is kishan singh shekhawat . I am pursuing my BTech from Poornima College with aggregate of 6.5 CGPA . I am intrested in Playing cricket , Listening music , Traveling around the world .

2) Sell me a pen ?

I answered confidently Using simple sentences and  humor to communicate your idea . I said that – “ last week I sold 10 boxes of good quality pens to  Singhania's office and This is my last piece. You can try it for a week and then pay me the price after one week . If you dont have good experience then let me know I'll come  to pick it up and it won’t cost you.” 

3)What you know about BYJU's ?

BYJU's is a Learning App and  is the common brand name for Think and Learn Private Ltd.  Shah rukh khan is its brand ambassador and indian cricket teams t-shirt  are sponsered by BYJU's . 

4) Diffrence between marketing and sales?

sales is transference of product from owner to customer whereas marketing is done for the company to increase sales .

5) Why should i hire you?

I said because i am good at communications skills , i am good at academics , i  will be the good member of company .

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