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Print Address of Character and String Using Pointers

In this program we are going to print address of character and string using pointers. As we know a string is a stream of characters and each character holds different address. So to print address of each character's address we are going to take a pointer array to hold address of each character as in the following example.

Example :

void main()

//Declaration and initialization of character and string
char str[30]="Goeduhub Technologies";
char c='A';
int i;
//Declaration and assignment of pointers
char *ptr_str[30];
char *ptr_c=&c;

//Assigning address of each character of string to pointer array

//Printing value and address of variables on output window
printf("\nString Entered is : %s\n Address of string :",str);
printf("\n%c's address : %p",str[i],ptr_str[i]);
printf("\nValue of c = %c\nAddress of c = %p",c,ptr_c);

Output :

Output of above program showing address of string using pointer

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