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 American Express 

Webex Technical interview 1

1 introduce yourself? 

2 explain your  projects? 

3 preferred language? 

4 how can you reverse a string? Optimise the best way you can. 

5 what is polymorphism? 

6 diff between runtime and compile time polymorphism with real life example. 

7 explain both types using programs

8 ever worked on python? 

9 which do you think is better python or java and why? 

10 explain logics of following programs?

 Arrange prime no. In ascending and non prime in descending without changing their indices.

11 some basic queries of dbms

12 which data structure would you prefer the most in given scenerio, for various employees with multiple phone nos.

Was selected and called for second telephonic tech interview 2

Tech interview 2

1. Introduce yourself? What are your hobbies? Your biggest achievement?

2. What do you know about multithreading,? 

3 what do you know about processes in system how threads work explain using practical examples? 

3. What do u understand by inheritance? Do we have multiple inheritance in java? Why not? 

4 why do we need interfaces? 

5 diff between abstract classes and interfaces? Imagine If you are developer working on some project would you prefer abstract class or interface and why? 

6 why american express? 

7 any questions

Pretty straight forward interview, was selected and called for last round

Telephonic Technical interview 3

1.introduce yourself? 

2 your area of interests? 

3 rate yourself in java? 

4 what are processes and programs, distinguish between them. 

5 how do processes communicate in a system

6 explain inheritance and its need.

7 what is polymorphism? 

8 what is overloading and overiding? 

9 if you developer, how would you decide which to choose overloading or overiding? 

10 what are collections? 

11 if you know about collections, how good are you at data structures? 

Didn't make it in the last interview. 

But was an experience worth working for.

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