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Pointer to Print Variable Address

In this program we are going to use pointer to print address of a variable in C programming. Pointer variable is used to hold address of the variable. In the simple C program we are going to implement this theory as follows.

Example :


void main()

//Declaration and initialization of three variables
int a=10;
float b=5.2;
char c='A';

//Declaration and assignment of three pointers
int *ptr_a=&a;
float *ptr_b=&b;
char *ptr_c=&c;

//Printing value and address of variables on output window
printf("\nValue of a = %d\nAddress of a = %p",a,ptr_a);
printf("\nValue of b = %d\nAddress of b = %p",b,ptr_b);
printf("\nValue of c = %d\nAddress of c = %p",c,ptr_c);

Output :

Output of above program showing pointer to print variable address

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