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Where can I do online courses From Word's Top Instructors?

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Introduce yourself?

 What do you know about HPE? 

What is your biggest achievement?

 If you have to name a database company,what it would be?

Such great HR with so much positivity .HR round was mere a formality. All those who made up to hr were placed. So was I. 


Technical Interview 1:

 What is your Prefered language? java Why not any other like C or C++? 

distinguish btween java and c 

Write any code in java and explain it to me? 

Complete detail like everything What if you are asked to work with C when u are comfortable with java?

 I can code in c too Find error in this c code?

 What are calloc and malloc? 

Explain the similarities and differences ,syntax as well What is process?

 What is thread? 

Some questions related to state diagram of process from os  ?

10.Ready run state Comfortable with netwrks or any experience ? Yes worked on cisco packet tracer 

11. Draw a netwrk and explain everything including devices? Like lan wan and establishment etc Explain your project? 

Was selected and called for second technical Interview.

Technical Interview 2

Write a code to reverse a string but donot use inbuilt finction?  Try to optimise space and memory? 

Didn't last long just this program in different languages and with different approaches using different data structures. Was selected and called for mangerial round. 

Managerial Round / semi technical

1. Explain your internship project? 

2. What if you and your team couldn't complete the given task on time? 

3. Your preferred language? 

4. Questions on concepts of oops.

Was selected in mangerial round and was called for hr interview, only few were selected in mangerial round and called for hr. 

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