Winter Bootcamp in ML and IoT in Jaipur
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Secure Copy

scp command is used to securely copy a file to or from a remote destination. If the file is in current working directly only filename is sufficient else full path is required which included the remote hostname e.g. 

Copy local file in your CWD to new directory 

scp localfile.txt /home/friend/share/ 

Copy remote file to you current working directory 

scp ./ 

Copy file from one remote location to another remote location


To copy directory and sub-directories use '-r' recursive option to scp 

scp -r user@* ./workspace/ 

 Basic Usage 

# Copy remote file to local dir 

scp /local/dest 

# Copy local file to remote dir 


# Key files can be used (just like ssh)

 scp -i my_key.pem

Winter 10 Days bootcamp classes(7 HRS Daily) will start from 5 & 20 December 2019 in:
1) Internet of things(IoT) Using RASPBERRY-PI
2) Machine Learning (ML)

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