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in JUT B.Tech (CSE-V Sem) Artificial Intelligence Lab by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)

Jharkhand University of Technology(JUT) B.Tech (CSE-V Sem) Artificial Intelligence Lab Experiments and Solutions With Required Theory

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by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)
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Jharkhand University of Technology(JUT) B.Tech (CSE-V Sem) Artificial Intelligence Lab

S.No.List of Experiments
1.Implementation of DFS for water jug problem using LISP /PROLOG
2.Implementation of BFS for tic-tac-toe problem using LISP /PROLOG/Java
3.Implementation of TSP using heuristic approach using Java/LISP/Prolog
4.Implementation of Simulated Annealing Algorithm using LISP /PROLOG
5.Implementation of Hill-climbing to solve 8- Puzzle Problem
6.Implementation of Towers of Hanoi Problem using LISP /PROLOG
7.Implementation of A* Algorithm using LISP /PROLOG
8.Implementation of Hill Climbing Algorithm using LISP /PROLOG
9.Implementation Expert System with forward chaining using JESS/ CLIPS
10.Implementation Expert System with backward chaining using RVD/PROLOG

Our Mentors(For AI-ML)

Sharda Godara Chaudhary

Mrs. Sharda Godara Chaudhary

An alumna of MNIT-Jaipur and ACCENTURE, Pune


Ms. Nisha

An alumna of IIT-BHU

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