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in JNTU B.Tech (CSE-VII-Sem) Software Testing And Case Tools Lab by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) B.Tech (CSE-VII-Sem) Software Testing And Case Tools Lab Experiments and Solutions With Required Theory


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by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)
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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University(JNTU) B.Tech (CSE-IV-I-Sem/VII-Sem) Software Testing And Case Tools Lab

S.No.List of Experiments
Software Testing
1.Write programs in ‗C‘ Language to demonstrate the working of the following constructs:

i) do...while ii) while….do iii) if…else iv) switch v) for

2.A program written in ‗C‘ language for Matrix Multiplication fails‖ Introspect the causes for its failure and write down the possible reasons for its failure.
3.Take any system (e.g. ATM system) and study its system specifications and report the various bugs.
4.Write the test cases for any known application (e.g. Banking application)
5.Create a test plan document for any application (e.g. Library Management System)
6.Study of any testing tool (e.g. Win runner)
7.Study of any web testing tool (e.g. Selenium)
8.Study of any bug tracking tool (e.g. Bugzilla, bugbit)
9.Study of any test management tool (e.g. Test Director)
10.Study of any open source-testing tool (e.g. Test Link)
11.Take a mini project (e.g. University admission, Placement Portal) and execute it. During the Life cycle of the mini project create the various testing documents* and final test report document.
Case Tools
1.Use Case Diagram.
2.Class Diagram.
3.Sequence Diagram.
4.Collaboration Diagram.
5.State Diagram
6.Activity Diagram.
7.Component Diagram
8.Deployment Diagram.
9.Test Design.

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