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in GTU B.E. (CSE-VI-Sem) Visual Basic Applications and Programming Lab by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)

Gujarat Technological University(GTU) B.E. (CSE-VI-Sem) Visual Basic Applications and Programming Lab Experiments and Solutions With Required Theory

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by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)
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Gujarat Technological University(GTU) B.E. (CSE-VI-Sem) Visual Basic Applications and Programming Lab

S.No.List of Experiments

Advantages of VBA:

  • • An easy-to-use and versatile language
  • • Integrated with off-the-shelf products
  • • Minimizes development time and costs
2.Macros: The First Step:
  • • Recording and executing macros
  • • Limitations
  • • Enhancing with VBA code
3.The Code Design and Debugging Tools:
  • • Project Explorer
  • • Help system
  • • Code Window
  • • IntelliSense
  • • Properties Window
  • • Object Browser
  • • Block commenting and uncomment
  • • Code stepping
  • • Immediate Window
  • • Breakpoints
4.Event-Driven Programming:
  • • The role of events in Windows
  • • How events are triggered
  • • Responding to events through event procedures
5.Putting Objects to Work:
  • • Properties
  • • Methods
  • • Events
  • • Collections
  • • Using With...End With
6.Storing Data In Variables:
  • • How and when to declare variables
  • • Selecting data types
  • • Fixed and dynamic arrays
  • • Constants
  • • The scope and lifetime of variables
7.Conditional Branching:

• If...Then...Else

• Select...Case

8.Looping Through Code:

• Do...Loop, While and Until

• For...Next and For Each...Next
9.Building Procedures:

• Creating Sub and Function procedures

• Calling procedures

• Passing arguments to procedures

10.Understanding Object Model Structures:

• Exploring the hierarchy using the Object Browser and Help system

• Referencing specific objects

11.Writing Application-Specific Procedures:

• Key objects within Excel, Word and Outlook

• Creating templates and add-ins

12.Exploiting yhe Power of Automation:

• Controlling one Office application while working in another application

• Accessing data in databases using ActiveX Data Objects

13.Using Intrinsic Dialogs:

• Communicating with the user through the message box

• Gathering user information with the input box

• Utilizing the File Dialog object and Dialogs collections

14.Creating Customized Dialogs with User Form Objects:

• Command buttons

• List and Combo boxes

• Option buttons

• Check boxes

• Labels

• Text boxes

• Frames

• Adding more functionality with advanced ActiveX controls

15.Modifying menus and toolbars

• Simplifying user interaction with the CommandBar object

• Adding and removing CommandBarControl objects

16.Handling Runtime Errors:

• The On Error GoTo structure

• Classifying errors with the Err object

• Continuing execution with Resume, Resume Next or Resume label

17.Implementing Security:

• The dangers of macro viruses

• Macro security levels in Office

• Applying digital signatures to macros

• Password protecting your VBA code

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