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in BPUT B.Tech (CSE VI-Sem) Operating System Lab by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)

Biju Patanaik University of Technology(BPUT) B.Tech (CSE VI-Sem) Operating System Lab Experiments and Solutions With Required Theory


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by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)
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Biju Patanaik University of Technology(BPUT) B.Tech (CSE VI-Sem) Operating System Lab

S.No.List of Experiments
1.Basic UNIX Commands.
2.UNIX Shell Programming.
3.Programs on process creation and synchronization, inter process communication including shared memory, pipes and messages.( Dinning Philosopher problem / Cigarette Smoker problem / Sleeping barber problem)
4.Programs on UNIX System calls.
5.Simulation of CPU Scheduling Algorithms. (FCFS, RR, SJF, Priority, Multilevel Queuing)
6.Simulation of Banker’s Algorithm for Deadlock Avoidance, Prevention
7.Program for FIFO, LRU, and OPTIMAL page replacement algorithm.

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