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in WBUT B.Tech (CSE-III Sem) IT Workshop (Sci Lab/MATLAB/Python/R) Lab by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)

West Bengal University of Technology(WBUT) B.Tech (CSE-III Sem) IT Workshop (Sci Lab/MATLAB/Python/R) Lab Experiments and There Solutions With Required Theory

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by Goeduhub's Expert (7.1k points)
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West Bengal University of Technology(WBUT) B.Tech (CSE-III Sem) IT Workshop (Sci Lab/MATLAB/Python/R) Lab

S.No.List of Experiments

Programming in R

1.Introduction to mechanism for statistics, data analysis, and machine learning; Introduction of R Programming, How to install and run R, Use of R help files, R Sessions, R Objects – Vectors, Attributes, Matrices, Array, Class, List, Data Frames etc. Operators in R.
2.R Programming Structures, Control Statements, Loops, Repeat and Break, R-Function, R- Vector Function, Recursive Function in R.
3.R Packages (Install and Use), Input/Output Features in R, Reading or Writing in File. Data Manipulation in R. Rearranging data, Random Number and Simulation, Statistical methods like min, max, median, mean, length, Linear Regression, Normal Distribution, Decision tree
4.Graphics, Creating Graphs, The Workhorse of R Base Graphics, Graphical Functions – Customizing Graphs, Saving Graphs to Files, Pie chart, Bar Chart, Histogram.
Programming With Python
1.Introduction: History, Features, Setting up path, Working with Python, Basic Syntax, Variable and Data Types, Operator
2.Conditional Statements: If, If-else, Nested if-else, Looping, For, While, Nested loops
3.Control Statements: Break, Continue, Pass
4.String Manipulation: Accessing Strings, Basic Operations, String slices, Function and Methods
5.Lists: Introduction, Accessing list, Operations, Working with lists, Function and Methods
6.Tuple: Introduction, Accessing tuples, Operations, Working, Functions and Methods
7.Dictionaries: Introduction, Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries, Properties
8.Functions: Defining a function, Calling a function, Types of functions, Function Arguments, Anonymous functions, Global and local variables
9.Modules: Importing module, Math module, Random module, Packages, Composition, Input-Output Printing on screen, Reading data from keyboard, Opening and closing file, Reading and writing files, Functions
10.Exception Handling: Exception, Exception Handling, Except clause, Try? finally clause, User Defined Exceptions

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