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in RTU/BTU B.Tech (CSE-IV Sem) Network Programming Lab by Goeduhub's Expert (5.8k points)
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Rajasthan Technical University B.Tech (CSE-IV Sem) Network Programming Lab Experiments with solutions and required theory.
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Rajasthan Technical University (CSE-IV Sem) Network Programming Lab

S.No.List of Experiments
1.Study of Different Type of LAN & Network Equipments.
2.Study and Verification of standard Network topologies i.e. Star, Bus, Ring etc.
3.LAN installations and Configurations.
4.Write a program to implement various types of error correcting techniques. 
5.Write a program to implement various types of framing methods.

Write two programs in C: hello_client and hello_server

  • The server listens for, and accepts, a single TCP connection; it reads all the data it can from that connection, and prints it to the screen; then it closes the connection.
  • The client connects to the server, sends the string “Hello, world!”, then closes the connection.
7.Write an Echo_Client and Echo_server using TCP to estimate the round trip time from client to the server. The server should be such that it can accept multiple connections at any given time. 
8.Repeat Exercises 6 & 7 for UDP. 
9.Repeat Exercise 7 with multiplexed I/O operations. 
10.Simulate Bellman-Ford Routing algorithm in NS2.

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