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HR Interview Questions with answers

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HR Interview Questions Set-1

1) Introduce yourself?

Answer: My name is Namrata Mahavar , I am pursuing my 8th semester of  BTech from Jecrc University, jaipur with aggregate CGPA of 8.23 . I have completed my whole schooling from Army Public School, jaipur .  My family consist of Father who works in most  prestigious service named as Indian Army ,  my Mother is a private teacher  and i have  two Siblings one will appear in his 12th board this year and another one is pursuing her B.COM from Maharani College ,Jaipur . i am a creative person , as apart from Academics  I am good at Singing , sketching , cooking , doing calligraphy and also good at making crafts . I have won many trophies in singing competitions and crafts making competitions.   I have keen interest in Coding in Python , ML . 

2) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Answer: I am punctual about my work , i have a habit to complete my work on time or before the due date , i have good patience level and  honesty , self-motivated is also the one of strengths. I am a dreamer , I forgive people  easily and hate to keep grudges in my heart. My greatest weakness is that I don't like getting interrupted when I am seriously into something. Another one of my weaknesses is that I trust people very easily, and to be over it i am working on my weakness .

3) Interviewer can ask you that - Do you have any questions from me ?

Answer : It was great talking to you sir , I just want to ask that if there are any chances for consideration of me . 


You can make list of questions to ask from interviewer like:

  • Can you brief me about the job?
  • Can you tell me more about your organisation?

4) Why should I hire you ?

Answer: Sir, I have all the required qualifications that you are looking into a candidate for a job post . I will be a good family member in your organisation , i will provide you best service from my side and will not let you complain about my work . I will provide you exceptional results and i am a person who blend easily into any work culture .  I have good communication skills, experience and  skills required for this job role. If I get a chance to prove  my capacity then  I will leave no stone unturned with my commitment to hard work and dedication. 

5)What are your salary expectations ?

Answer : As i am fresher and i dont know about my responsibility ,  once my responsibilities are clear I can figure out . Right now, I would like to know my potential for this job , in your organization. after knowing my potential i can state my expectations according to the work i do and for a fresher money is not important , what is important is the experience and the knowledege .

6)Do you know anyone who works for us?

Answer : My fathers friend  Mr.XYZ  is a part of this organization. friendship is not the factor for me to apply here. but the growth  of this organization and the employees working here has been constantly encouraging me to apply. but our  This company has a strong reputation in the market and I have always looked up to your brand. That is the reason why I am here today, as the more I learned about this company, the more I wanted to become a part of it.

7) How many hours a week  do you work ?

Answer :  I will work for the time alloted by the organisation,hours wouldn't bother me if I have to complete an assigned project/work. it depends on how you took interest in the work you had to complete. If anyone is taking interest at doing their work hours become less in count and if anyone is not taking interest hours count is more.time doesn't matter, But to complete my work properly & on time is important. In short, I want to work for Goodwill of the organization

8)Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?

Answer: By looking back we can analyse our past mistake and  the lesson learnt from those mistakes in the present can definitely lead to the better future.

9)How will you rate your interviewer out of 10?

Answer :  I am not in a position to rate an interviewer because your experience and knowledge is much more higher than mine and HR recruiters are the back bone for an organisation. You pick the skilled and knowledgeable candidates in a short span and it's a great job. It is not easy to do that.As it is a part of my interview, I would like to rate you 9/10 and I deduct 1 mark because no one is perfect.There is always be a scope to improve.

10) If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

Answer : Money is essential for everyone so I would love to win the lottery.Money does not give us experience, but work does. And this money will be over one day but our work does not and it will not give me a satisfaction as a lottery can be won by anyone but my work will give me everything money, self-satisfaction and most important work experience. So, I would love to work.

11)How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

Answer : "Success is nothing without Satisfaction". So if you are getting Satisfaction by doing something than that can be a success for you.

12)Who has inspired you in your life and why?

Answer: My Mother inspired me a lot because my mother is only one who handled all the situation of our family and she inspired me how to handle every situation what can you do in a difficult situation.My father is a soldier. As a wife of a soldier most probably the wife will stay in a different location. My mom handles every single problem without anyone's support. The way she handle all those problems makes me feel strong and happy.The very next person is my father who serves this nation. Because of him, I too have a desire to serve this society.

13)What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Answer : Hard work gives you experience and is nothing but increase your stress. Smart work comes with experience and is simple way to achieve your motto.Hard work means completing the given task in a particular time period.Smart work means completing the given task in a very short time period or completing the task in less time.

14)Can you work under pressure?

Answer : I can work under pressure because I always took it as a challenge. Working under pressure is the key to make one's career bright and bring it at a higher level and because I'm a fresher I can learn new things how can I handle under pressure this makes me strong.

15)What are your goals ?

Answer :My short-term goal is to get a good  job in reputed company land utilize my knowledge,and skills and to prove my capablity and know my potential  And long-term goal is to achieve respectable position in that organization and get sucessful in life .

16)Are you willing to relocate or travel the world?

Answer: It's a great opportunity to work with different people and the environment and we can learn about their cultures and also new traditions. As we can also have new friends and colleagues.. Am sure it will boost my knowledge too and will give me a new environment to work and to interact 

17) How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

Answer : I will be working for your company as long as your company will value my efforts and work that I put in for your company and will surely work until your company requires my services and satisfied with my work and I believe that this company has the capacity to offer me a best-satisfying career, and I would like to remain employed here for as long as my services are needed for the company.

18)Explain how you would be an asset to this organization?

Answer : I will be an asset by giving my effectiveness and efficiency in achieving targets as well as by exhibiting my knowledge and talent in performing tasks.I think honesty with work discipline and punctuality hard work are the best assets for a company and I will never give you any chance of complaint .

19)Why do you want to work for this company?

Answer : This company is on the list of most admired companies every year. I want to play a role in ensuring this company stays on that list. I want to be part of a company that offers no less than quality in terms of services.this company is a  place where my skills or background fits perfectly and can be utilized .our company believes in providing superior service, and I share the same value. It enables me to not only fit into your organization but complement the team as well.

20)Tell me about your dream job??

Answer : The only dream job I’ve always had was a job that keeps me busy, a job wherein I get to contribute to the company’s success and a job where work enviroment is good and every gets chance to prove themselves and the place where you and your work is important .

21) What is your philosophy towards work?

Answer : I have only one philosophy when it comes to work: every piece of work, regardless of size, has to be done on time and in the right manner and if something gets in between my work then my devotion towards my work  do not let anyone to divert me .

22) Are you willing to work overtime? Prepare for night shift and work on Weekends?

Answer : I understand that being asked to work for an extended number of hours comes with a good reason in the first place, so I’m ok with it. If an extra effort means something for the company then I’ll be happy to do it.  working in night-shifts also gives advantage that we can work in peace and in peaceful environment we can think easily and can make good solution to the problem .

23) Has anything ever irritated you about people you’ve worked with?

Answer : working with co-workers is okay but when their, attitude is a negative and they are having ego problem . I try my best to approach him and talk things over. I always make it a point to stay positive and transparent with people around me.

24) Why do you think you deserve this job?

Answer : Because I believe my talents and skills will definitely be a big contribution to your company’s continuing pursuit of excellence. I’m a fast worker and hardworking person who can be a very reliable asset to this company. i will be  a good family member  and i have extra curricular . i am creative person  .

25) Describe your work policy ethics ? 

Answer  : completing work on time , organised and disciplined work , smart work rather than hard work ,  gives your best or do nothing .

HR Interview Questions Set-2

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