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Ques. Write a Python program to find the list of words that are longer than n from a given list of words

Answer : 
Program : 
str=input("enter strings : ")
a=str.split(" ")
n=int(input("enter value of n "))
for i in a:
    if (len(i)> n) :
print("list of words : ",b)

Output :  

enter strings : Goeduhub provide Summer, winter, regular training in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Deep Learning(DL), Python, Big Data Hadoop, Internet of Things(IoT), Cloud Computing, Salesforce, Embedded Systems & Robotics, Mobile Apps Development, Industial Automation(PLC-SCADA),AUTOCAD, MATLAB, Programming (PHP, Java, C, C++), Networks & Database.

enter value of n 7

list of words :  ['Goeduhub', 'training', 'Artificial', 'Intelligence(AI),', 'Learning(ML),', 'Learning(DL),', 'Internet', 'Things(IoT),', 'Computing,', 'Salesforce,', 'Embedded', 'Robotics,', 'Development,', 'Industial', 'Automation(PLC-SCADA),AUTOCAD,', 'Programming', 'Networks', 'Database.']

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