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Sentence formation

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Sentence Formation Questions Set-2

1)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. of the engines
  2. of the waves
  3. the rhythm
  4. and the motion
  5. have a soothing affect

Answer and explanation: order of sentence=>31425=>The rhythm of the engines and the motion of the waves have a soothing effect.

2)Rearrange the jumbled sentences to form a meaningful sentene :

  1.  for the rest of the year
  2.  to buy any thing else
  3.  if we use up the money
  4.  i think
  5. we wouldn't be able

Answer and explanation : order of sentence=>43521=>I think, if we use up the money , we wouldn't be able to buy anything else for the rest of the year.

3)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. seen
  2. going
  3. you
  4. him
  5. have

Answer and explanation : Order of sentence=>35412=>You have seen him going

4)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. him
  2. the
  3. to 
  4. charge
  5. handover

Answer and explanation:order of sentence=>52431=>Handover the charge to him.

5)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1.  tea
  2. that
  3. some
  4. before
  5. have

Answer and Explanation: order of sentence=>24153=>"Have some tea before that."

 6)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. was
  2. and
  3. Suresh
  4.  kind
  5. loving

Answer and Explanation: order of sentence=>31425=>"Suresh was kind and loving."

7)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. medicine
  2. given
  3. neha
  4. a
  5. was

Answer and Explanation: order of sentence=>35241=>Neha was given a medicine.

8)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. him
  2. heard
  3. you
  4. have

Answer and Explanation: order of sentence=>4321=>have you heard him

9)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. i
  2. song
  3. this
  4. love

Answer and Explanation: order of sentence=>1432=>i love this song

10)Put the following in correct sequence :

  1. bestfriend
  2. is
  3. he
  4. my

Answer and Explanation: order of sentence=>3241=>he is my best friend

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