Winter Bootcamp in ML and IoT in Jaipur
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Edge Detection using Canny edge detector
Edges are set of points(lines), where image brightness changes sharply

# Import Computer Vision package - cv2
import cv2

# Import Numerical Python package - numpy as np
import numpy as np

# Read the image using imread built-in function
image = cv2.imread('image_8.jpg')

# Display original image using imshow built-in function
cv2.imshow("Original", image)

# Wait until any key is pressed

# cv2.Canny is the built-in function used to detect edges

# cv2.Canny(image, threshold_1, threshold_2)
canny = cv2.Canny(image, 50, 200)

# Display edge detected output image using imshow built-in function
cv2.imshow('Canny Edge Detection', canny)

# Wait until any key is pressed

# Close all windows

Winter 10 Days bootcamp classes(7 HRS Daily) will start from 5 & 20 December 2019 in:
1) Internet of things(IoT) Using RASPBERRY-PI
2) Machine Learning (ML)

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