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In this article we will learn what is the difference between correlation and covariance.

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by Goeduhub's Expert (3.1k points)
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 Tutorial of Covariance and Correlation 

  • Covariance is measured to indicate at what  extent and how much two variables change in tandem (in partnership or conjunction). On the other hand Correlation represent relationships between two variables. 
  • We can't measure strength of relationship of two variables in covariance, while in correlation we have correlation coefficient to measure strength of relation.
  • As we know correlation is measured without unit (dimensionless) while covariance is measured with unit.  meaning correlation is a special case of covariance, which can be obtain when data is standardized. 
  • Covariance basically represent direction of relationship of two variables and correlation represent how variables related to each other and strength of relation. 

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