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MCQ's on Data Structures & Algorithms(DSA) along with answers most frequently asked in both the company's placement preparation and college semester examinations

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Q.1. Which of the following is linear data structure? 

a) Trees

b) Graphs

c) Arrays

d) None of these

Solution: c(Arrays) 

Q.2. Which of the following is non-linear data structure? 

a) Array

b) Linked lists

c) Stacks

d) None of these

Solution:d(None of these) 

Q.3.  Queue is based on which principle? 



c) pop

d) None of these


Q.4. Which notation is used to find the complexity of an algorithm? 

a) Asymptotic Notation

b) Big oh Notation

c) Omega Notation

d) None of these

Solution:a(Asymptotic Notation) 

Q.5. Data Structure that allows fast search within an ordered sequence of elements is called? 

a) Skip list

b) list

c) Array

d) None of these

Solution:a(Skip list) 

Q.6. User defined data type is also called? 

a) Primitive

b) Non-primitive

c) Identifier

d) None of these


Q.7. Stack is based on which principle


b) Push


d) None of these


Q.8. When the data structure is combined with its operation then, data structure is known as 

a) Topology

b) Data Structure

c) Abstract Data Type

d) None of these

Solution:c(Abstract Data Type) 

Q.9. Function is to specify the data type

a) typedef

b) arr

c) id

d) none of these


Q.10. Describes the running time of an algorithm

a) Asymptotic Notation

b) Time complexity 

c) Performance Analysis

d) None of these

Solution:a(Asymptotic Notation) 

Q.11. Omega Notation is also known as 

a) Upper Bound

b) Lower Bound 

c) Minimum Bound

d) None of these

Solution:a(Upper Bound) 

Q.12. We use theta notation for 

a) Worst case

b) Average case

c) Best case

d) none of these

Solution:b(Average case) 

Q.13. A function which calls itself is called 

a) Recursion

b) Iteration

c) Algorithm

d) none of these


Q.14. Master Theorem is used to solve 

a) Recurrence functions

b) All problems

c) Time complexity

d) none of these

Solution:a(Recurrence functions) 

Q.15. Another Name for substitution method is 

a) Master Theorem

b) Greedy Method

c) Hit and trial method

d) None of these

Solution:c(Hit and trial Method) 

Q.16. Linear Search is best for

a) Large arrays

b) Small arrays

c) Sorted array

d) None of these

Solution:a(Large Arrays) 

Q.17. A linear collection of data elements where the linear node is given by means of pointer is called

a) Linked list

b) Skip list

c) Node

d) None of these

Solution:Linked list

Q.18. When new data are to be inserted into a data structure , but there is no available space, this situation is usually called

a) Housefull

b) Underflow

c) Overflow

d) None of these


Q.19. Minimum how many stacks are needed to implement a queue

a) 9

b) 12

c) 2

d) 1


Q.20. The following name does not relate to stacks 

a) FIFO lists

b) LIFO lists

c) Piles

d) Push down list

Solution:a(FIFO lists) 

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