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Here, you will get to know how to solve problems in asymptotic notation.

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P:1) Show that f(n) +g(n) =O(n²) where f(n) =3n²-n+4 and g(n) =nlogn+5


We know that, 'O' is called 'Big-oh'  notation where  O is defined as

 f(n) =O(g(n))  only if there is positive constant C and where f(n) ≤c.g(n), n≥n0

In the given problem, we have to prove that , 

f(n) +g(n) =O(n²) 

where, f(n) =3n²-n+4 , g(n) =nlogn+5

Hence, we can write it as :

⇒3n²-n+4+nlogn+5 <4n² , where n≥5

Therefore, by taking n=5

⇒3(5)2 -5+4+5log5+5≤4(5)2




f(n) +g(n) =O(n²) 

Hence , proved. 

P:2) Define the function f(n) =12n2+6n is O(n3)  and y(n) . 


Given that, 

f(n) =12n2+6n

Let, k>0 be a constant, Consider n0=(12+6) /k



therefore, f(n)=O(n³) 

To show, that f(n) =y(n) let k>0 be any constant. 

Consider, n0=k/12 , for all n≥n0 


Therefore, f(n) =y(n) 

P:3) Show that f(n)=4n2-64n+288=y(n2)


Given that:


We need to prove 


we can prove that by writing above equation in following form,


where, n≥1(As per the definition of y)




Therefore, 4n²-64n+288=y(n²)


P:4) Find big-oh notation and little oh notation for ,f(n)=7n3+50n2+200


Given that ,


According to Big-oh notation









Therefore, 7n3+50n2+200=O(n3)

The liitle oh notation is f(n)=O(n4)

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