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In this article you will get to know various types of list with figures, and definitions, and how to insert node and delete node from various positions using algorithm.

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Types of linked list 

  1. Single linked list :

singly linked list

  • Item navigation is one way only. Also called one way list due to forward only navigation option.  

  • It is linear collection of data item called node ,where each node has divided into two part,i.e. data part and link part.

  • Data part stores the data item and link part store the address of next node.

  1. Circular linked list:

circular linked list

  • Last item contains link of the first elements as next and first element has link to last element as previous.  

  • The circular single linked list is a linked list similar as single linked list. The only difference between the circular linked list and the single linked list is the address part of the last node in circular linked list.

  • It contains the address of first node in the list. So here, no address part of any more contains ‘null’.Here, also one pointer is used to point the first node in the linked list.


A chain is a linked list in which each node represents one element.

Two way list:

  • Double and circular list.

  1. Double Linked List

double linked list

  • Double linked list is a variation of linked list in which navigation is possible in both ways i. e. either forward or backward.


  • Each node of a linked list store the data.


  • Each node of a linked list contains a link to next link.


  • Each node of a linked list contains a link to previous link.

  • A linked list contains the connection link to the first link called first & to last link called foot.First is also called as head & last is also called tail.

  • To perform operations of linked list effectively by using double linked list , compare to single linked list

  • Insert new element at double lniked list

  • Memory is to be allocated for the new node before reading the data. The new node can than be inserted at three different positions.

  1. Doubly circular linked list

doubly circular linked list

  • In doubly linked list, the next pointer of last node prints to first node to the previous pointer of first node points to the node.

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