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by Goeduhub's Expert (3.1k points)
Best answer return slices of an array in object form. 

Basically when we convert a complex input pipeline into a simple input pipeline, we use API in tensorflow.

For example for text data we do preprocessing of data : removing symbols, embedding  and batching different length sequences together etc...

So, basically with help of  we can handle these complex processes and  large amount of data.

To convert a complex input pipeline into simple input pipeline, first we need data. For example 

We use or to construct a Dataset from data in the memory.

Now let's see an example.

#import tensorflow 

import tensorflow as tf  

# use of method

dataset =[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6])

for elem in dataset:



# import tensorflow 

import tensorflow as tf  

# use of method

dataset =[[8, 3] , [9, 2]])



tf.Tensor([8 3], shape=(2,), dtype=int32)

Note: Actually creating a simple pipeline in machine learning is always challenging then model building. we can use for data in tensorflow.

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Ms. Nisha

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