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Unicodedata (Database) in Python.

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Unicode Character Database Official Documentation 

Unicode Character Database: 

The Unicode Character Database (UCD) consists of a number of data files listing Unicode character properties and related data. 

In simple terms defined the character properties for all unicode characters.

What is Unicode Characters:

We know that it is difficult to understand any language for a machine. Apart from this, we have boxes , symbols the text of any language.

So, in simple terms converting symbols , characters into a form that machine can understand.

Unicode Characters 

In python we use unicoedata library to use Unicode Database Characters.


pip install unicodedata2


#lookup function unicodedata

import unicodedata    

print (unicodedata.lookup('LEFT CURLY BRACKET') )

print (unicodedata.lookup('RIGHT CURLY BRACKET') )

print (unicodedata.lookup('ASTERISK'))

print (unicodedata.lookup('HYPHEN'))

print (unicodedata.lookup('HIGH VOLTAGE SIGN') )



Note: Here we used Lookup Function, used to get symbols for the corresponding character name passed in it.

If we passed a wrong name for example hyph for hyphen then this will give error.

#name function unicodedata

import unicodedata    

print ('^') )

print ('|') )

print (':') )

print ('&'))

print ('@') )

print ('`') )

print (' ') )



Note: name function in unicodedata return the name of assigned character. See the above code.

#Category function unicodedata

import unicodedata

print (unicodedata.category(u'&'))

print (unicodedata.category(u'9') )

print (unicodedata.category(u'a') )  

print (unicodedata.category(u'A') )



Note:  Category Function return the general category assign to the character. In the above example the  "&" belongs to the symbol category. The "9" belongs to the digit category. And  "A" and "a" belong to the letter category. In the output Ll = L -Letter and l-lowercase. Lu = L-Letter and u-uppercase. po= p-Punctuation and o- other. Nd= N-Number and d- decimal digit.

#normalize function unicodedata

from unicodedata import normalize  

print( '%r' % normalize('NFD', u'\u00C7') )

print( '%r' % normalize('NFC', u'C\u0327') )

print( '%r' % normalize('NFKD', u'\u2460') )



Note:Return the normal form form for the Unicode string unistr. Valid values for form are ‘NFC’, ‘NFKC’, ‘NFD’, and ‘NFKD’.

The Unicode standard defines various normalization forms of a Unicode string based on the definition of canonical equivalence and compatibility equivalence.In Unicode, several characters can be expressed in various way. For example, the character U+00C7 (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA) can also be expressed as the sequence U+0043 (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C) U+0327 (COMBINING CEDILLA).

For example in the above example two form of unicode denote one character that is  (C-cedilla).

For Detailed study of forms (Official Documentation) ,Function in Unicodedata 

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