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For loop

# Initialize three list. List can have numbers and strings 

numbers = [10, 20, 30, 40]
vehicles = ['cars', 'bikes', 'buses', 'trucks']
age = [40, 'fifty', 60, 'seventy']

# Execute for loop using the numbers in numbers list

for count in numbers:
print ('This is number: %d' % count)
# %d indicates the list contains numbers 

# Execute for loop using the vehicle names in vehicles list

for automobiles in vehicles:
print ('A type of automobile: %s' % automobiles)
# %s indicates the list contains strings 

# Execute for loop using numbers and strings in age list

for i in age:
print ('My age is: % r' % i)
# %r when we don't know what exactly is in the list  

# Initialize an empty element list, data will be appended to this list later
element = []

# Execute for loop using the numbers in the range 0 to 8

for j in range(0, 8):
print ('Adding to the list: %d' % j)
# Appending data to the element list 

# Execute the for loop using the data appended in the element list

for k in element:
print ('Retrieving back from the list: %d' % k)

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